AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Pocket Projector Review

  • Purchased this projector because of the battery option, which we also purchased. We also have a Dell M110. Like all “Pico” class projectors, it isn’t that bright. 300 lumens is “Best in Class”, shared with the Dell. It has decent quality video and enough brightness for small offices. Video is clear and readable in near normal daylight with a decent screen or white smooth background. However, focusing the video is very difficult. Touching the focus knob shifts the focus, and the slightest shift will blur everything. The tripod included in the box is the cheapest plastic crap, so do not consider it as an extra benefit if you are thinking of buying this projector. You will end up throwing it away, and I think you really need a mini-tripod to adjust and aim this thing. Finally, the big issue is incorrect hardware detection when plugged in via VGA. I tested this on an HP EliteBook 8560w running W7x64 pro, A Dell Lattitude E6220 running W7x64 pro, and a Lenovo Y450 running XP. In all cases, the projector would plug in and identify as different hardware every other time it was used, causing Windows to mis-identify it’s native resolution and give bad, distorted video. HDMI performance was flawless. It correctly identified, and just worked with the windows projector interface in all cases. If you need the battery, have an HDMI source to drive it, and are willing to buy a good mini-tripod, this is a good pico projector suited to travelling and small presentations. If you need VGA, buy the Dell M110, and live without the battery.
  • Super Color and Image Quality
  • The Vibrant Color Technology and triple LED light source
  • P300′s LED light source lasts 10 times longer than conventional lamps
  • The P300 is designed as an all-in-one mobile presentation platform
  • High Definition WXGA Resolution

Aaxa technologies p pico pocket projector review11 AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Pocket Projector Review