Artograph Digital Art Projector- LED300

  • Resolution of 1280 x 800, 300 lumens of LED illumination
  • Contrast ratio of 2500:1; 18 layout grids
  • Image and color control
  • Multi-source input options include: HDMI, RGB, Audio In and Out, and USB for transferring from SD cards, Digital Cameras, Computers or Smart Phones
  • Also included are a remote control, Power adaptor, cables, storage bag, and operation guide.

Designed exclusively for artists!Use the custom layout grids precise color controls and color to B&W feature right away. With multiple input options you will be able to access digital images from almost any source—computers SD cards digital cameras or Smartphones. The maintenance free LED lamp provides a crystal clear and accurate image reproduction up to 80 inches in almost any lighting condition making it ideal for custom on-site work and presentations. The Digital Art Projector LED200 from Artograph features:• Composition/layout grids for standalone use or image overlay.• Ultra-precise color and image controls (size rotation and reverse)with Color-to-B&W feature.• Multiple input/output connection options (Audio/Video/RGB IN USB HDMI) toaccess digital images from virtually any source: Computers SD Cards DigitalCameras and even Smartphones.• Advanced maintenance-free 200 lumen LED lamp projects a brilliantly clear accurate image with a lamp life up to 30 000 hours.• Ideal for on-site work and presentations projected image sizes range from 15 inches to 80 inches + in virtually any lighting condition.

Artograph digital art projector led1 Artograph Digital Art Projector  LED300