Atdec TH-WH-PJ-CM Projector Ceiling Mount

  • This product has been designed to suit90% of projectors.
  • Maximum load =15kg (33lbs).
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Warranty: 10 years limited

This ceiling pole projector mount is designed for home and commercial use. It provides telescopic height adjustment along with pitch, roll and yaw adjustment. It features universal mounting hole compatibility for PJs up to 33 lbs. (15kg) and a Quick Attachment system for easy installation / maintenance. It suits flat and raked ceilings and comes supplied with an easy to follow installation guide and mounting hardware.

This is one of the better projector mounts on the market and a great value for the price. It’s made of steel and is very sturdy. It includes everything you need in the box including varying sizes of mounting screws for the projector, hardware for mounting to the ceiling, drywall anchors, plastic feet for recessed mounting screws, allen wrenches, etc. It took me less than an hour to mount this on my ceiling.

I have an Epson Home Cinema 400 projector and my main problem was finding a mount on the market that could handle the wide width between the mounting screws ( ~13″ apart diagonally). This mount provides 4 different lengths of mounting leg sets (2 each for a total of 8) that should fit most projectors. I needed another set of the longest legs so I called the Atdec customer service number. They immediately sent them to me in the mail for free!

The minimum drop from the ceiling on this model is 15.7″ so if you have 8 foot ceilings, this may hang the projector too low in your room. Mine sits about 4-6 inches above my head when I walk below it. It doesn’t bother me but if that bothers you, there is another a similar model (Atdec TH-WH-PJ-FM Telehook Universal Projector Flush Mount) that only drops down 5.5″.

Overall, this is a very good projector mount and should have all the features you will need for your projector.

Atdec th wh pj cm projector ceiling mount1 Atdec TH WH PJ CM Projector Ceiling Mount