BenQ MS612ST DLP 3D Ready Short Throw SVGA Home Theater Projector Review


459 hours and still going strong!!!… The picture quality is excellent for the price it can’t be beat. I’m projection on a 120 inch screen from 7’10′ away with an aspect ratio of 16:10. The colors are so rich and vibrant I haven’t gotten a chance to use the 3D yet because of time. Note* if you are planning to use the 3D feature other that using a computer than you will need the 3D adapter made by viewsonic or optoma. I haven’t had any problems with the rainbow effect that other people say they have with other DLP projectors (only if I shake my head left and right really fast *not recommended you could hurt your neck bad) I’ve owned LCD projectors before and DLP projectors before and DLP is by far the winner. The color produced by DLP projectors is just unbelievable and I will never go back. All and all this is a great buy and if you are looking for a projector that won’t break the bank than this is the way to go. I will update when I use the 3D or run into any problems.

Purchased this unit to display a “monitor” for our Church worship team in the back of our sanctuary. Mounted the unit in a small balcony area with a cantilever bracket. Was able to achieve a 100″ diagonal (16:9 ratio) image in only 6′ of distance. Super bright, lightweight and compact. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that the remote only works from the front, so we have to climb up there and turn it on. A bluetooth remote would be sweet…

I’ve been using a projector as my main big screen for about 10 years but when I moved from an old house with high ceiling to a new place with a really low ceiling in the basement TV room, I had to find something else. I got this and a nearly flush ceiling mount and it does the trick. I can sit behind the projector rather than having it in the back of the room. I get about a 55 inch screen at only thee feet away. I use it for both cable TV and XBox Kinect games. This is the lowest priced short throw projector I have seen that accepts HDMI cables which is a plus. The only star off is for the volume control. It’s not infinitely variable; it just goes up 1,2,3,4 etc. so it his difficult to adjust to the right level for some programs. I will probably run it though an amp to fix this.

Benq ms st dlp d ready short throw svga home theater projector review1 BenQ MS612ST DLP 3D Ready Short Throw SVGA Home Theater Projector Review