Dell 1610HD Value Series Projector

  • Stunning Resolution: WXGA (1280×800) native resolution for up to 30% more pixels than XGA (1024×768)
  • Wired Networking: RJ45 connector for network manageability, including power management, updating firmware, checking status, receiving e-mail alerts and more.
  • Brightness Redefined: Up to 3,500 ANSI lumens (max)
Purchased this to use with my new Dell XPS laptop. The laptop doesn’t have VGA output, so I purchased an adaptor cord to connect the Micro Display Port on the laptop to the VGA input on the projector (Apple brand, but Best Buy also carries another, slightly cheaper brand). No problems with displaying a Power Point show including both slides and video made on Windows Movie Maker. I haven’t had the chance to fiddle with all of the fine tuning on the projector, but it works well right out of the box. Make sure that you get the cord adaptor when you buy the projector. I’m pleased with the weight, lighter than I’d expected; it’s lighter than the laptop.
Dell hd value series projector11 Dell 1610HD Value Series Projector