Digital Galaxy DG-737 Dream Land HDMI LCD Projector

  • The Affordable Entry level HD Port-ready LCD projector in the market
  • 5″ LCD techology gives better image and brightness than its 3.5″ and 7″ competitors
  • Native Resolution 640×480
  • A great experience for Wii games like golf, tennis, fit etc. Works with game consoles: PS2, PS3, Xbox, Wii etc.
  • NOT Recommended for business presentation. ideal for your home theater and games

Display Technology: 5″ LCD, by Foxconn Lamp Life 5000 hours on average; Image Size 50″-150″ diagonal; 2 built-in speakers; Aspect Ratio 4:3 Throw Distance 5.8 feet – 18 feet (1.76m- 5.51 m); The distance from the projector to the screen is in proportion to the size of the image: it is 7 feet for a 70 screen (diagonal), 10 feet for 100, and so on. The best performance is from 6-12 feet for 60 to 120. Interface (Inputs) VGA, Video, Audio, Y/Pb/Pr, TV, S-video, HDMI Dimension 12.5″x9.8″x3.7″; Weight 6.4 lbs; Power Supply 110V-240V; Keystone Correction 0-15 degrees vertical NOT Recommended for use in a large conference/church/class room with bright lights on or during the day time. It is not bright enough for business presentation. FAN Noise: 38 dB; neglectable when using outside speakers. The Dreamland DG-737 includes: 1- LCD projector 1- Remote control 1- VGA cable for Windows PC 1- HDMI Cable 1- AV Power cable 1- Composite video cable (yellow) and Audio cables (white, red) 1- Year Warranty (If you need a warranty service, we guarantee to fix and ship your projector back in 4 business days.

My 50″ Widescreen 1080i Rear Projection Television finally bit the dust. Since I recently purchased an LCD T.V. for another room, it was not an option to purchase another one here. I did a lot of research into projectors and decided to give this one a try. I found video’s of this unit being played online as well as numerous reviews. The price is what caught my eye initially. After doing the research on some of the higher end models I could see that the replacement bulb on those models were extremely expensive. The great thing with this unit is they include one extra bulb. Additional bulbs are inexpensive compared to others. Also included are all the cables needed for hook up including an HDMI one. I thought with the extra bulb and all the cables needed it was a great overall value.
I had medium expectations on the quality as I was unsure on what to really expect. Out of the box I plugged in a standard DVD player and projected onto a white wall. The picture was amazing. I think 100″ would be the maximum before getting too pixilated. I played around a bit between the 70″-80″ range. I then put up a white sheet on the wall. The picture was much clearer, image sharper, and colors more vivid. I then decided to bite the bullet on a wall mounted projector screen. I purchased a 70″x70″. Once I got it mounted it was night and day versus the white sheet on the wall. I hooked up my Blu-Ray player and now I was truly impressed.
The unit is used mostly for gaming purposes and those nights where you want the movie theater experience. To date I have not had any problems with the unit. I ended up buying a bracket and mounting it to the ceiling.
The only negative experience is the sound of the fans. Negative in the sense you have to get used to them and I can tell you that you forget about them once you start playing or have a movie on. I have a 7.1 audio system hooked up so for me it is easy to get past the initial start up.
The whole set up of projector, projector screen, and wall mount came to $298. That is far less than an LCD/DLP replacement and was exactly what I was looking for!

Digital galaxy dg dream land hdmi lcd projector1 Digital Galaxy DG 737 Dream Land HDMI LCD Projector