Elmo MP-350 BOXi Mobile Projector Review


The Elmo Boxi’s specially developed LED optical engine provides true color reproduction. A short focus only needing 3.3″ of throw distance and mobile, the size of a lunch box weighing only 1.1 lbs, it is quick and easy to set up. Quiet, silent design for presentations without disruption. With a life of 20,000 hours, the LED lamp can be run for eight hours a day for 2,500 days (approx. 6.8 years). It’s great as an industrial display as well. Wireless presentations are possible using downloaded BOXi computer apps.

The Elmo name is well-known to teachers and attorneys, and has earned its respect over the years. The Boxi is a worthy addition to the Elmo lineup.

I met the company president in person at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas in January 2013 when the Boxi was first shown in the U.S. He is a very dignified gentlemen from Japan.

I was looking for a product exactly like this – a projector for a small to mid-size conference room. Since CES, I have used the Boxi almost daily for several months, and offer the following report.

1. My conference room has a 3′ by 4′ whiteboard. I project on the whiteboard. I turn off the lights in the conference room, and the Boxi gives enough light for comfortable work.

2. I have an interior window into the conference room with no shade/screen, and I achieve full visibility for client presentations by simply turning off the lights in the conference room.

3. In other words, plenty of lumens for office use.

4. Very small footprint. Very low noise.

5. Best of all, almost no heat.

6. I connect the Boxi to my data source with an HDMI cable. I did not have good success with the Boxi app for iPad, however, the app is unnecessary. With an HDMI cable, you will have complete operating control and functionality via your source unit.

7. Which is to say, set the display percentage, etc., on the machine that provides your images, be it a laptop or an iPad. (I use both.)

8. When I use the laptop, I set the Boxi about 4′ back from the white board. When I use the iPad, I set the Boxi about 2′ back from the white board. You have to experiment a little to achieve optimal results.

9. Here comes a big tip. If you want to connect to an iPad, you need to purchase the HDMI-to-9-pin convertor from Apple. Costs about $35. Works perfectly.

10. Here comes another tip. Use Dropbox to move files from your computer to your iPad. I pull pdfs into my Dropbox account on my computer (Dropbox is free) and they wirelessly sync to my iPad. Assuming you have a WiFi connection, documents can be scanned and moved to your iPad invisibly right during a meeting. Client gives me a document, we scan to pdf, and upload to Dropbox. I can be showing the document on the screen in about the time it takes to scan it.

Conclusion – Excellent product. Excellent company.

Elmo mp boxi mobile projector review1 Elmo MP 350 BOXi Mobile Projector Review