Epson EX5210 Portable XGA 3LCD Projector

  • 2800 Lumens Color Brightness
  • 2800 Lumens White Brightness
  • XGA Resolution (1024 x 768)
  • USB Plug ‘n Play Instant Setup; HDMI Connectivity
  • Compact and portable design 5.1 lbs

Break Through to The Next Level. The EPSON EX5210 breaks the mold for portable business projectors, delivering spectacular image quality and ease of use. The ultra-bright 2800 lumens of color/white light output, sharp XGA resolution and 3LCD, 3-chip technology transform presentations into brilliant masterpieces with precise detail and true-to-life color. Breakthrough horizontal image correction with easy-slide technology and USB Plug ‘n Play instant connectivity make setup fast and easy, while HDMI connectivity delivers stunning HD entertainment and media. The PC-free slideshow function lets you project JPEG files, without a computer, from any USB thumb drive. Whether in the conference room or on the road, the EX5210 delivers the performance and functionality you need for success at every level.

The projector came packaged securely and upon opening the box the projector was in its own case. The case itself has some padding around it and a side pocket for the remote and whatever you would wish to carry. I was very impressed with the projector itself because of the shiny black cover with white embossed letters showing the ports and all the controls. I found a wall that I could use for the projector, set up a little table about 9 feet away and used the quick guide to get started. If you have a computer and/or satellite receiver you’ll recognize all the ports on the back; a very straight forward setup. The first thing I tried was the USB thumb drive filled with pictures of fractals. Because I’m not in business, and I don’t have presentations, I wanted something that would have bright colors, distinct lines and shapes to see how the projector projected them. I am projecting on a light beige and lightly textured wall and not a screen so I was wondering how this would turn out. When I pushed the button on the remote the projector came up with its logo and automatically found the USB thumb drive that I inserted in the back. I had originally copied the folder of fractals to the thumb drive and then I decided to cut and paste all the pictures to the thumb drive not knowing if the the projector would recognize the folder or not. When the picture came on the wall, there was the folder and all the pictures. So I guess you could keep your presentation in a folder and open it, just like it was on the computer. I scrolled through each and every one of the pictures looking for the clarity of the colors, shapes, and the lines and was very impressed especially being on a house wall. They were very distinct and clear. Of course using the telephoto ring and the ring for focusing helps make this all possible. So you can only imagine how this would look on a screen that was specifically built for projectors. The projector gives you options, I’m sure as other ones do, for slideshows and to freeze the picture when necessary. Also you could add audio to your presentation, because there is a speaker in the projector that is loud enough for everyone to hear. There are so many adjustments that are too numerous to mention that I am going to include a link so that you can pick up the user guide in PDF form and learn more about it. [...]

And now the fun begins. Because one of the ports in the back is HDMI, I brought out my netbook with a movie on it to see how it would play and sound. With the projector 9 feet back from the wall you have about a 100 inch desktop. Because I connected the projector using the HDMI port all the sound was only able to come out of the projector speaker. There are no provisions for a home entertainment setup. The movie we watched was “Scared Shrekless”, which is about 19 minutes long. The picture was great, and the sound was loud enough to enjoy the movie. That’s why I said for presentation everyone would hear it clearly.

I brought out an older desktop that had surround sound capabilities and hooked it up to the VGA port on both the computer and the projector. I thought I would take advantage of it to the best of it’s ability. After hooking everything up, including the surround sound, the next viewing was Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows-part one. Not quite like going to the theater but pretty close. Of course the movie is in widescreen, so measuring diagonally we were watching an 80 inch screen. And of course with the surround sound, we were *there*.

Now granted, this projector wasn’t made for home theater entertainment, but if you are taking this to the office and then home again the possibilities are endless. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, that if you can watch a movie with such clarity, that a presentation should be fantastic. When this projector is taken out of it’s case it just says class.

Epson ex portable xga lcd projector1 Epson EX5210 Portable XGA 3LCD Projector