In Focus IN126 DLP Projector

  • High brightness of up to 3200 lumens
  • High 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • Slim design and weighs only 4.8 lbs. (2.17 kg)

Do you need high brightness but only minimal money to spend? The InFocus IN120 Series has you covered. These are the lowest-cost projectors we offer at this high brightness.

My company frequently uses a projector for meetings where we show new designs to clients. We find that projectors offers a much higher level of detail than the flat screen monitors some firms have switched to.

I am pleased by the improvements in price, resolution, brightness and aspect ratio of the In Focus IN126 over our trusty 2006 vintage In Focus projector (which is still going strong).

Cons: The fan is a bit on the loud side, and InFocus has inexplicably economized by not including a lens cap or a fabric carrying case, as they always used to. (Dear InFocus: Is the $15 you may have saved by not including these items really worth the loss of customer good will?)

Overall, this is a good projector and I can recommend it to anyone — especially if it won’t be carried around and subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

In focus in dlp projector1 In Focus IN126 DLP Projector