IncrediSonic VUE Series Pico Mini Projector Review


When you want to purchase something as expensive as a projector, you really need to know what you are getting into because they are a major investment. Simply because it looks good or the price seems right, isn’t reason enough to fork over your hard earned money. You have to ask yourself some serious questions before buying anything, especially if you aren’t a high-tech person. If you are this type of person, this review is specifically geared toward you. I’m going to lay out in plain and simple terms just what you are looking at with the IncrediSonic Pico Projector. I wouldn’t exactly consider myself high-tech, so I can relate to the woes of people who have “issues” when it comes to working with new products.

What better way to showcase a new product than to compare it to the best on the market at a similar pricepoint? Well, the best so far. I’m going to do a little comparison with AAXA’s P300 Pico projector, one of the most popular on Amazon. I’m going to be a little conversational in my comparison in the specs, which are listed after the features that give you a basic rundown of the IncrediSonic Pico Projector. I’m just very excited about this pico projector because I’ve never really owned or seen anything quite like it. The family is waiting for the mosquitoes to die down in order to have some outdoor movies.

  • Portable at less than a pound in weight, Vue Series PMJ-400 Projector fits nicely in laptop case
  • Connect Media via HDMI, VGA, TF Card Reader (32GB microSD Max) and/or a USB 2.0 reader
  • For Business Presentations & Personal Media Sharing, USB Plug ‘n Play instant set up; Apple Mac and PC Compatible
  • Up to 120-Inch image (in low-light condition) Impressive 3D HD Ready Technology with a unique 2D to 3D conversion
  • 400 Lumens, Built-in Speaker, Auto Keystone technology automatically turns the image into a perfect square, no adjustment needed. • One Year Manufacturer Warranty Included

Incredisonic vue series pico mini projector review1 IncrediSonic VUE Series Pico Mini Projector Review