InFocus IN112 Portable DLP Projector


This Infocus Projector is a simple, multiple use screening tool. Many projectors are used in office meetings by connecting them to a computer and projecting presentations on a screen, but you can hook this projector up to your DVD player and project movies onto a wall (outdoor summer BBQ, anyone?). As an artist, I connect my computer to the projector to project my art work on a canvas that I’ve hung on the wall. I can then outline my art onto the canvas to ready it for painting. This way I can draw a small drawing and increase it’s size to whatever size canvas I choose. It’s a lot easier than tracing paper or using the grid method.

What’s great about this projector: The image. It’s extremely clear and strong. I’ve used some projectors that need absolute blackness in order to project an image that can be seen. However, this will project a strong image even with the lights on. I tested it during the day and had no problem getting an image I could read with the light on. Of course, turn the lights off and the image pops on the wall. No color adjustments were necessary. They were as vivid and true as the image on my computer screen.

What’s missing: The lens cap for one. The description says that a lens cap is included; however, it is not. If the description provides for a lens cap then one should be shipped to the customer for free if it is not included in the box. However, a lens cap is really not necessary since the lens is set back and probably won’t get damaged. Purchasing a case to house it in when not in use should be all the protection it needs. It loses one-half star for deceptive advertising.

It also does not have HDMI connections. Any electronic device made today should have HDMI, especially one designed to project movies. Sound and picture are both provided through an HDMI connection, but this projector uses the old fashion pin connectors (included) for picture and a Y video plug (not included) for sound. There is a mini usb port on the back for those who want to connect your smart phones and other devices to it. It loses one-half star for no HDMI.

Most hard surfaces are not level. Therefore, most projectors come with three legs. The middle leg lifts and lowers the image to project it on the screen, while the other legs lift and lower each side in order to correct tilts. This projector has the middle leg, but is lacking the tilt corrector legs. I had to place a book underneath one side to even out the image. It loses one-half a star for this.

What’s wrong with this projector: When you turn a projector off the internal fan continues to run in order to cool the projector. The single most important thing to know about a projector is DO NOT UNPLUG IT UNTIL THE FAN SHUTS OFF. Well, the fan on this projector shuts off immediately after you turn it off. A blue light blinks after shut down until the projector has cooled down completely and you can unplug it. However, after this projector cooled for 10 minutes, the blue light was still blinking and it was still hot to the touch. That’s because the fan does not stay on to cool the projector. This will cause the projector to die a premature death. I sat it under an overhead fan and it cooled down in five minutes. Since you will need an out side fan source, it loses one-half star.

A side note about connecting it to your computer: To get an image on my HP, I press `fn’ (function) `f4′ (video). The quick start manual of the projector gives instructions for each type of computer. It goes on to state that if you don’t get an image, turn the machine off then on again. That is not necessary. When you press the function/video keys you will get three options: 1) view via the projector but not the computer; 2) view via the computer but not the projector; and 3) view via both the projector and the computer. All you have to do is continue to hit your function/video keys up to three times until you get the view you want.

Infocus in portable dlp projector1 InFocus IN112 Portable DLP Projector