Joybee GP2 Projector


Simple to use and what an exceptionally clear picture! I’m not easily amazed by many things these days, but I have to say that this projector is just wonderful. The applications are limited only by ones imagination. Being as It is so portable, I can take this to work, my kids can use it at school, take it on vacation to show movies, or show music videos at a party.
My son already had an opportunity to use this for a class presentation…and it was truly a life-saver! He had created a video on his laptop, but could not get the video saved onto a flash drive. This was the last minute detail before presenting the next morning. Solution, take the laptop and projector to school. Maybe harder than carrying a little flash drive, but hey, it worked, thank God!
I was also able to use the projector at a recent party. The room was only barely dim and the projector was placed so that it would project onto our vaulted ceiling. At first, it added a great touch and added to the mood of our gathering. Later, after it had garnered a lot of attention, we moved it to project onto the wall. We lowered the lights and each of us took turns choosing videos online to watch. It actually became the central entertainment for our party.
It has worked wonderfully since we got it. I need to buy a cord so I can use it with my iPad, but other than that, the cord that is provided has several different connection types so you can hook it up to a laptop and various other gadgets. I’ve only used it with the computer so far, but it’s great.

Although this product has many fine features including the ability to project from an iPod or iPhone, I was disappointed in the strength of the projection. Unless you project in a very dark room and the unit is fairly near the screen, it is not bright enough to have a perfect image. In addition I found that the unit can not project content that is streamed, meaning I tried to project a movie streamed from netflix using an iPod without success. On the positive side, the unit is very easy to operate and the connections make it adaptable for power point presentations and DVD projection which is why I purchased the unit. In the future I will look toward a unit that is much brighter.
Joybee gp projector1 Joybee GP2 Projector