JVC DLAX9 200-Inches 1080p 3D THX ISF Certified Front Projector

  • Three 0.7″ Full HD D-ILA devices
  • Input signal capability: 1080p
  • True full HD resolution: 1920 x 1081
  • 220W Ultra High-pressure Mercury Lamp (lamp life: approx. 3000 hours when the lamp is in Normal mode)
  • Projection Size: 60-inch to 200-inch

3D projector with 100,000:1 native contrast ratio, three D-ILA devices, and 2x motorized zoom lens with motorized focus. This projector features 3D viewing, Real Color Imaging Technology, Adobe RGB color space, New Color Management with 7-axis Matrix, New Clear Motion Drive, JVC’s original Film Tone, New Screen Adjustment Modes, Dark/Light Correction, flexible set-up, etc. What’s more, the projector is accredited by ISF and THX 3D certifications.

JVC makes some fine video projectors, and this one is the flagship for the 3D home theater.

At first glance, it might not seem that different from the less expensive X3 or X7 models, but the differences are dramatic. On the spec sheet, the big difference between the lower-priced X7 and this one is the contrast ratio. At 100,000:1 native ratio, the X9 is simply astounding – best contrast range I’ve seen in a home product, and enough to give you blacks that really look black. Still, your $2500 high-end plasma probably looks better to most people – so this alone isn’t enough to justify the price.

The other critical metric on these things is the brightness level. Projectors – especially 3D – just demand fairly dark rooms in order to give you a stunning picture, and here the JVC isn’t much different than the rest. At about 1300 lumens, you’ll want to balance screen size and ambient light. To me, a 100-120″ screen is about the best you can do if you have any light at all in your room. If your room is lighter than most (say, light colored walls with a little bit of daylight), then you might think more in the 80-100″ range. Still, the JVC is about where the competition is, and you’d have to spend at least double or triple to get as detailed and vivid a picture in a brighter package.

The 3D transmitter (which emits an IR signal to coordinate the projected images with the glasses) is external, giving you a lot of flexibility as to where you mount it. If you mount the projector far from your seating, you can keep the 3D transmitter in a more optimum location to ensure it gives you the coverage you want. On the other hand, if you have the projector a reasonable distance from your viewing area, then mounting yet another component could be a chore

Jvc dlax inches p d thx isf certified front projector11 JVC DLAX9 200 Inches 1080p 3D THX ISF Certified Front Projector