Kodak ektagraphic IIIA

Purchased this for some testing that is required in the automotive industry. This replaces an earlier Kodak projector and the difference is night and day. Clarity and ease of use where higher than expected. Would purchase another – in fact I did to keep as a back up (since they don’t make these anymore).
What a great company to work with. I bough this projector for my husband and when we tried it out we could not get a picture. We called Slide Central and the owner walked my husband through a couple of things and we couldn’t get it to work. He was concerned that he may have messed up a slide presentation of some kind that we were doing and would not be able to get us a new one in time. This was not the case. He told us to pack it up and send the projector back and he was going to send out a new one right then. As we were taking the lens off to repackage the projector, we discovered a piece of packing material still inside the lens area. We called the owner immediately and he had already set up the new projector for shipping! We ordered some slide trays from him and they arrived two days later with a hand written note apologizing for our trouble and telling us to call any time. What great customer service.
Kodak ektagraphic iiia1 Kodak ektagraphic IIIA