LG HW350T Micro Portable WXGA LED Projector

  • The LED based projector provides superior picture quality, an estimated 30,000 hour lamp life and instant on/off capability with full brightness achieved in five seconds.
  • The file viewer allows you to project your office files (XLS, DOC, PPT, TXTand PDF), while the HD DIVX player allows you to project movie, picture and music files without a computer via USB.
  • The built-in digital TV tuner delivers vivid digital programming up to full HD (1080p).

The HW350T Ultra Portable LED Projector features superior picture quality with up to 114% wider color range and deeper color saturation. Without a laptop or media device, it can also play movies, pictures and music through the HD DIVX player via USB 2.0, with projected image of up to 100″. The built-in digital TV tuner delivers vivid digital programming up to full HD (1080p); the projector also features DLNA functionality that can show multimedia files wirelessly connected with other devices through the network. HW350T, the world’s first Smart TV Portable LED Projector by LG.

Hi, I got my projector LG HW 350t a few days back from Fry’s store. I did a massive research on the portable LED projectors and finally concluded on Dell m110 (in Lumen 300 category). I ordered for Dell M110 as I got very good reviews but the delivery of the projector was planned from 1 month to 3 month time. I waited for a month but still there was no sign so I cancelled it. The other reason that might irritate you is that Dell sends you the projector and vga connector but rest all including remote and WiFi dongle need to buy separately which will cost another $ 100 – $ 120. If you include this cost, you may get a 500 lumen LED projector.

The time I was waiting for the Dell projector, I was still researching and came across the LG HW 350t. People had put good comments about the projector. So I cancelled my Dell order and went for LG. I got the little projector in a span of 4 days. The projector was packed in a cute and very handy bad with all the useful connectors. LG even gives the WIFI dongle in the box (though not much of my use). The only connector missing was HDMI which I think is fair.

I plugged it in the magic started. I connected my laptop to start with and the picture quality was more than good. Next day, I connected the TV output from wall using a co-ax to the projector and I was excited to see that the TV started playing nd I was getting the free channels without any adapter. Finally I tried connecting with my Motorola Xoom tab using HDMI cable and it was just plug and play. Now I play my projector daily and just love it. The screen size now I watch is around 90 inches diagonally with descent picture quality. I have not tried the projector for games but heard good reviews from people who using it for gaming.

Lg hw t micro portable wxga led projector1 LG HW350T Micro Portable WXGA LED Projector