LG HW350T Micro Portable WXGA LED Projector Review

  • Little it might be, but I am quite pleased with the picture quality … and I have had projectors ranging from a cheaper, early InFocus, to my present Panasonic ae4000u. For what this unit is, it is wonderful. I do not have a single thing negative to say about it…nothing that really would merit a negative note. Focus is good. Picture quality is excellent and can be adjusted to taste. The unit is bright enough for my uses…and I am using it right now to type out this note while displaying it on a wall at my workplace…it’s two thirty in the morning so don’t judge me to harshly. i think that if you are looking for a small portable projector that has some versatility built into it, this may be your best bet. This is cute, easy to operate, user friendly and has some outstanding features to boot….some other units do not have, like the built in tv tuner…nice…and the usb dongle that come with. The remote is also easy to use and there is a sleep timer for those who may wish to use this in the bedroom. Like I said, this has got a little bit for every user.

    The HW350T Ultra Portable LED Projector features superior picture quality with up to 114% wider color range and deeper color saturation. Without a laptop or media device, it can also play movies, pictures and music through the HD DIVX player via USB 2.0, with projected image of up to 100″. The built-in digital TV tuner delivers vivid digital programming up to full HD (1080p); the projector also features DLNA functionality that can show multimedia files wirelessly connected with other devices through the network. HW350T, the world’s first Smart TV Portable LED Projector by LG.

  • The LED based projector provides superior picture quality, an estimated 30,000 hour lamp life and instant on/off capability with full brightness achieved in five seconds.
  • The file viewer allows you to project your office files (XLS, DOC, PPT, TXTand PDF), while the HD DIVX player allows you to project movie, picture and music files without a computer via USB.
  • The built-in digital TV tuner delivers vivid digital programming up to full HD (1080p).

Lg hw t micro portable wxga led projector review11 LG HW350T Micro Portable WXGA LED Projector Review