Multimedia Projector-Epson PowerLite 1880


Video quality was usable for movie-length sessions, which makes the 1880 above par for a data projector on this score. However, it’s well short of what you’d want for watching your favorite movie or TV show. I saw a moderately serious problem with shadow detail (details based on shading in dark areas), with large areas of the screen turning into a solid black for scenes that tend to bring out the problem. On the other hand, the projector handled skin tones well, and I didn’t see any posterization (colors changing suddenly where they should change gradually).

The fan noise also demands mention. I tend to be tolerant of fan noise, but found the 1880, with its 39 decibel rating, loud enough to catch my attention from my usual position when testing, sitting two or three feet from the projector. In Eco mode, rated at 35 decibels, it was easy to ignore. If you tend to be sensitive to fan noise, you may well consider this a problem if you’re sitting near the projector.

On the plus side, the sound system, with its 10 watt mono speaker, is easily loud enough to fill a large conference room or classroom. The sound quality won’t win any awards, but it’s good enough so spoken words are understandable, which is more than you can say for many projectors in this weight class.

The Epson PowerLite 1880 offers far more to like than not, with a bright, high-quality data image, better quality video than most data projectors, better audio than most data projectors, and more. All of these pluses add up to making the projector our new Editors’ Choice as an XGA projector for a large conference room or classroom.
Multimedia projector epson powerlite1 Multimedia Projector Epson PowerLite 1880