Panasonic PT-AE7000U 3D LCD Projector Review


Rather than a wall of text, I’ll break it down into some pros and cons! I’ve owned this projector since November, 2011.

For reference, my screen is a 100″ diagonal, acoustically transparent, 1.0 gain screen. (Seymour Screen Excellence 4K, in case you’re wondering). I sit about 11 feet from the screen, and the projector is above my head.


1.) Extremely quiet. With the bulb in “Eco” mode, and just over a foot above my head, I can barely hear the projector’s fan when there’s no sound playing, and with any sound at all the projector is impossible to hear. In “Normal” bulb mode, it’s still very quiet. I use mine in “Eco” mode 99% of the time, for what it’s worth. And with 4000 bulb hours life in “Normal” mode, and a whopping 5000 in “Eco” mode, you’ll be quite happy for a while.

2.) My unit is pretty uniformly sharp from corner to corner. While I won’t say this is guaranteed, it’s definitely a good thing, or at least – it’s possible with this projector.

3.) 3 HDMI inputs – a lot of the competition (JVC RS-45/X30, Epson 5010 etc) only has 2.

4.) Excellent for gaming. Not only does the PT-AE7000U sport a “Game” picture mode where all lag-inducing processing is dumped out the window, it also has a “Fast Frame” response for even quicker response times. Call of Duty etc is easily playable on this projector with no complaints. The benchmark for any gaming display, though, in my humble opinion, is passing the “Hot Shots Golf Torture Test” with a 100% score. This Playstation 3 title requires split mili-second response times from your display. I’m happy to say that while the Panasonic, with Game Mode/Fast Frame Response enabled doesn’t quite get full marks due to the tiniest amount of input lag, it’s extraordinary close to perfect.

I have owned this fantastic projector since last 21 days & have watched several 3D movies. The projector is phenomenal there is no ghosting or crosstalk of any kind. My screen size is 120 inches. Once you watch a movie in 3D you will not like to watch the same movie in 2D version. This is my 6th projector the last one was Panasonic 3000 which was also very good. I have been using the 2nd gen glasses which are very very good. There is a slight drop in brightness but on the whole its tooo good. I’ve watched Resident Evil Afterlife which had amazing effects & depth,Ice age,Saw,Thor,Captain America,Final Destination(Excellent 3D effects)Toy Story 3, Smurfs,My bloody valentine, Mars Need Moms, & the latest one Ultimate Wave Tahiti (a must own 3D bluray for all 3D display owners). I have taken demos of JVC & SONY 3D projectors they were good but too huge in size. I wholeheartedly recommend this projector to anyone who is thinking to buy one.
Panasonic pt ae u d lcd projector review1 Panasonic PT AE7000U 3D LCD Projector Review