Peerless PRG-UNV-S Precision Gear Universal Projector

  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs.
  • Silver mount with universal spider adapter
  • Precision gear reduces installation time and makes mount easier to align by simply turning adjustment knods

In the middle of 2008, I started work building my home theater. A project planned for years, and finally executed. I had the speakers and receiver picked out and the projector is the fantastic Panasonic AE2000. The last part actually ended up being just as awesome in it’s own way to the more expensive and high tech gadgetry. I shopped all over every major store, some minor ones, and found this baby on Amazon. It was “reasonable” which was kind of one of my founding principles for budgeting… I’d call it High Medium End gear. The pictures don’t do it justice… and I STRONGLY recommend reviewing the video on the manufacturers website.

First off, I had a lot of requirements for this. The one area I didn’t want to skimp on was the support for a $2500 projector, but I have a rather low basement ceiling and needed something both sturdy and shallow. It’s hard to tell based on the information on the site… they really should give more details. I guess this one looked close to the best if maybe a bit more expensive than some I had seen. I found out, that based on the value of this item, the cost was WELL worth it.

It’s rock solid steel, the arms are very adjustable, the tooling is quality, and it’s adjustability is fantastic. I wasn’t even aware of how easy this would be to adjust, and really that should be an aspect of your mounting solution. This has hide-away knobs that fit into the base, but pull out so you can fine tune the system without needing a long driver. You should also consider having enough room between the projector and ceiling to fit your hand in to release or adjust. The sliding mount is very solid and you don’t feel for an instant it’s going to give out on you. Everything is gear driven, and can be locked down tight to prevent wiggle.

The only complaint, and it’s a fairly minor one, is that the screws used on the arms to adjust the vertical feet began to strip due to the force necessary to tighten them. I wish they had been deeper welled or had slightly bigger heads. I eventually had to use a spare screw from the bag (meant for another part) on one particular foot which required more than two adjustments to get things right, causing the head to strip. Even so, not much of a nuissance, and maybe the company will consider hardened steel screws or something in their future packaging if they read this.

I can’t recommend this enough, a very pleasant surprise that this was SO much better than anything I saw in the store unless you spent 2-3 times as much, and even then, I doubt you’d find one much better.

Oh, and it’s fully capable of using an extension pipe if you need more depth and it comes with a steel security strap lock for projectors in public spaces. I shopped a long time before deciding. If you’re just starting or have been looking for the right one… don’t hesitate, just get this one and know that it’s a GREAT bang for the buck.

Peerless prg unv s precision gear universal projector1 Peerless PRG UNV S Precision Gear Universal Projector