Projector -Acer ColorBoost II

  • Acer ColorBoost II is the next generation of ColorBoost performance enhancement technology for Acer projectors
  • All of which feature a six-segment color wheel for business presentations, educational purposes and entertainment in any venue.
  • Acer SmartFormat Technology Conveniently supports comprehensive wide-format PC signals.
  • DLP 3D ready With DLP 3D ready, user can view any 120 Hz 3D frame sequential content from a PC with appropriate 120 Hz graphic card
  • And 3D stereoscopic player or any HQFS 3D DVD title from an NTSC DVD player by wearing a DLP 3D glasses

The Acer X1261P projector showcases detailed imagery and text with high brightness and contrast. In addition, 3D-ready capability delivers stereoscopic visuals for enjoyable entertainment, enhanced business meetings, and better learning.

I needed a replacement for my aging and fading projector, which I use for home-cinema purposes. This one seemed to have good specs (XGA and high brightness) for the low price. Setup was really easy, the unit is very compact and light weight, comes with a nice carrying case for those who need it. I watched the latest Pirates movie as a test case. This is a movie with a lot of dark night scenes, which made watching it on my old projector a headache. With the new one, it was great!! Brightness / contrast / color definition are all really good. I highly recommend this projector for home cinema for those who (like me) cannot afford to throw in a couple grand. Since its so small and light and comes with a carrying case, it would seem to me to be a good deal for office / business use, too.
projector acer colorboost ii1 Projector  Acer ColorBoost II