PT-LB60U LCD Mobile Proj XGA 400:1 3200 Lumens 5.5LBS


We wanted a relatively small projector for Powerpoint presentations. Had to be bright enough for a large room. This is the brightest projector that I could find in this price range. Good news is that the projector is very light weight. It does come with a very cheap carrying bag. The image quality is excellent. Color is true and brightness is even across the entire screen. More than adequate brightness. I did notice that out of the box the color seemed to emphasize towards blue. But this is easy to adjust. I also noticed that gray levels are not up to par with our laptops. We can see details within gray areas on our laptop screen, but can’t do so when projected. This may be a common problem with LCD projectors since my old own does the same. Another plus is that this projector works flawlessly with PC and Mac laptops. I had one hooked up to each input, and was able to switch between a mac and pc without any problems. So in terms of performance, I give it 4.5 for my intended uses.

Some points to consider: This projector is made out of rather flimsy plastic. Likely to keep weight and cost down. Perhaps its been years since our last projector purchase (a suitcase size Epson), but the appearance of this projectors just wreaks cheapness. Emphasizing this sense of cheapness is the case. This is a plain black, thinly padded soft case that is not going to protect such a fragile projector. Get a better case if you are going to to buy this projector.

So to summarize: Small, bright, works really well, PC/Mac compatible. But questionable build quality.

Pt lb u lcd mobile proj xga lumens lbs1 PT LB60U LCD Mobile Proj XGA 400:1 3200 Lumens 5.5LBS