Pyle Home PRJV66 100-Inch 480p Front Projector

  • Projection System: 5 inch TFT LCD Resolution:640*480
  • Support:800*600 Projection Lighting Source: 6000-8000 Hours

Take your home theater to a whole new level with this projector that delivers excellent color saturation and subtle details for superior image quality. It’s perfect for movies, sports, or TV shows — anything you want on a big screen from 60 to 100 inches in size in the comfort of your home. It’s compatible with almost any source you throw at it — RCA video, S-video, VGA, and digital RF. With an 600:1 contrast ratio and 1200 lumens, this projector displays images so crisp, you’ll become fully immersed in whatever you’re watching. The lamp lasts up to 8000 hours for a long life.

We got ours out of the box and it just feels so, solid? the edges are smooth and there is something really nice about the way it came wrapped-up like a baby, all in soft, cushiony things. It just showed, that, like, the people who pack these really care. Anywho, we set this up in the kids’ playroom on Saturday. It was as easy as setting up a laptop, even easier, just plug in the power, then the S-video and you are ready to rock! we put the dvd player through it, maybe we’ll get around to television, but the way things are looking, my husband and I are going to have to fight the kids to watch movies in there. It looks like an actual movie the way it was supposed to be.
Pyle home prjv inch p front projector1 Pyle Home PRJV66 100 Inch 480p Front Projector