Shift3 Light Blast Entertainment Projector Review

  • Display images up to 120-Inch on walls or ceilings by connecting to video game consoles, TV’s, and other components via A/V input.
  • 50W/ 12V halogen light bulb with cooling fan, manual focus lens and built-in audio speaker.
  • Control panel with A/V inputs, headphone jack, adjustable contrast and brightness, volume control, and power on/off.
  • Pivoting bracket/ carrying handle for easy picture adjustment.

Make every night movie night with the Shift3 LightBlast Entertainment Projector. Watch TV, home videos, and even play your favorite video games up to 10-feet across on any wall in your home. You can even project images onto your ceiling! With its on-board inputs, you can easily connect your compatible media components directly to the projector via the included A/V cable. Enjoy full-color video from TV’s, VCR’s, video game consoles, camcorders, and more. The Shift3 LightBlast Entertainment Projector features 3 A/V inputs, built-in audio speaker with adjustable volume, brightness and contrast controls, audio out, a manual focus lens, and utilizes a standard 50W/ 12V halogen bulb for hours of supersized fun.

Shift light blast entertainment projector review11 Shift3 Light Blast Entertainment Projector  Review