Shift3 Light Blast Entertainment Projector Review


I see a lot of negative reviews on this item, I just purchased one on a black fri sale for 49.99 I thought what the heck give it a go , if it falls to pieces not a big loss if it works GREAT!!!
I must say the projector is very cool for what it is worth

Yes, there is some major resolution issues with it but then again you get what you paid for. NOT TOP OF THE LINE! Yes there does look to be like you are watching a movie through a screen door but it isn’t that disturbing to the eye ,The sound was good , and most certainly will be having some fun with it this summer with outdoor movie nights.

I watched Jurassic Park on it for a first go around there was some fuzzy issues with focus but all in all I really sorta felt like I was at a movie theater inside my own house ” Very cool ” But the extra blurred pic was more than likely due to me pulling the unit 20 feet back from the wall to see JUST HOW MASSIVE i could get it to go. Oh it did do at least a 10-15 ft wide picture. I felt sorta spoiled with a private viewing ” FUN “

I am a technology idiot! the fact I was even able to get the thing to work with out outside intervention is another reason to give it thumbs up.

It is a good deal for stupid cheap , I am really hoping my spouse will take to it … and maybe do an upgrade to a nicer one in the future and I will take this one an put it in my barn for movie nights out there this summer either way it will be fun. and really happy i got it. But i do see upgrade in my future this item is sorta a teaser.

Spent just a little over $70 on this. Spent most of my time worrying if it’d look fine playing, if it’d be too dark, or not enough sound. Item was receiven in great condition. Was easy to hook up to my PS3 to stream movies right onto my wall. Picture wasn’t amazing, but it looked pretty well and the sound was loud enough too. I’ll probably save up to buy a newer brand that can be brighter, but as for now this is totally fine and worth the buy. Even if the bulb burns out, I was given a manual on how to replace it, so I’m good icon smile Shift3 Light Blast Entertainment Projector Review

Shift light blast entertainment projector review1 Shift3 Light Blast Entertainment Projector Review