ViewSonic PJD5111 2500 Lumens Portable DLP Projector Review

We love the unit — use it mainly for movies at night. I especially love the fast auto poweroff, the auto-signal detect, and the ability to turn down the brightness to conserve bulb life (It is still bright enough to use during the day in a semi-darkened room). The colors and contrast is great (when set to movie mode).

I have not noticed any of the “rainbow” effects during movies that can happen with dlp projectors — though it is easy to create the effect by rapidly waving your hand in front of the projector while on, I have yet to see the effect during movies and video games.

I’d definitely recommend it. Note that we don’t use blueray yet, so the 720p resolution is far more than needed for DVD quality movies, and I couldn’t justify spending 4 times the amount for a good 1080p projector.

BTW, we use composite video via VGA to get the best video picture. So I’d also recommend ordering an inexpensive composite to vga cable. As ours is ceiling mounted, I ordered:
1. 25ft SVGA cable (about $11)
2. 6ft VGA Male to 3RCA (Component Video) Male Cable (about $4)
3. VGA Coupler / Gender Changer Female-Female (to connect the above cables together) ($1.50)

Absolutely no need to waste money on expensive cables…

This projector has been great for doing classroom presentations from my laptop. It’s very bright (2500 lumens) and alot less expensive than other models. The three negitives are:

1. There’s no HDMI input, so this wouldn’t be the best projector for a home theater setup.
2. The resolution is limited to SVGA, perfect for business presentations but there are better options for watching movies.
3. The feet used for adjusting the height and tilt of the projector are cheaply made and hard to adjust.

But all of these are a small sacrifice for an affordable projector this bright. It’s so bright I can leave the classroom lights on without washing out the image.

Viewsonic pjd lumens portable dlp projector review11 ViewSonic PJD5111 2500 Lumens Portable DLP Projector Review