Vivitek D950HD 3000 Lumen 1080p Projector


The Vivitek D950HD is a native 1080p data projector that features impressive color reproduction, amazing performance and effortless integration. The ideal crossover projector, it blurs the barrier between the home and office. With 3000 lumens, 3000:1 contrast ratio and an assortment of connectivity options, the D950HD can cast dazzling digital images from a variety of video sources. The D950HD also features a built-in 5W mono speaker and a top-loading cover for effortless lamp replacement. Features: 3000 lumens of brightness with a 3000:1 contrast, DLP and BrilliantColor technologies from Texas Instruments, connectivity options include: two (2) HDMI v1.3, VGA-in, composite, component, S-video, high-efficiency lamps that last up to 6000 hours (in economy mode), VividWheel III for improved color reproduction and automatic gain control, top-loading, sliding cover for quick and easy lamp replacement, keypad lock prevents accidental system adjustments. Ship with: AC Power Cord, VGA Cable, Carrying Case, Remote Control, Batteries for Remote, Lens Cap, User Manual (CD), Warranty Card.

I’ve owned this projector for nearly 6 months and I am pleased. I upgraded from a 42″ rear projection television only capable of standard definition. I’m fairly impressed with it’s durability, I say this because I live in Sicily and the power-grid isn’t the most reliable thing in the world and it still manages to function with no issues whatsoever.

It has a lot of options in the menu for tweaking the display settings for your preference. It has a clear image, as opposed to a lot of TV’s I’d see with problems like over-sharpening the image. It certainly works best in a dark room, but still manages display surprisingly well with high ambient light situations. It’s difficult to think of anything wrong with this projector considering what I upgraded from. I’m certain there are better, but for the price range of ~$1000 it is a great deal. Hopefully in the next 5 years 4k Projectors won’t cost 15-20 grand. That will be the next upgrade I suppose.

We received this recently, and after testing it out we’re very happy with the picture, menus, noise level, and brightness, particularly for the price. We test drove a video in 1080p on the projector, and it’s great, so probably good for home theater use. That said, we’re using it as a work projector most of the time. If you’re just doing PowerPoint, probably not necessary. As a collaborative tool, though, particularly in productivity apps like Excel, the 1920×1080 is very helpful.

Customer “technical” support/service is poor. They didn’t know their product, so when trying to troubleshoot the problems with keyboard emulation/control through the USB cable, they were unable to be of any help (quick summary–the functions are not working, so am currently unable to use the remote to change slides, for example. Suspect driver issue with Windows 7 and Macs, which were both tested. Function not that important, anyway, just an extra feature). The simple solution of course is to simply pass me through to an engineer who knows the product, but that didn’t appear to occur to them. Perhaps this is a problem with native English? Seems to be an issue with technical support these days more than desired.

If it weren’t for poor customer support related to keyboard emulation problems, I’d give it 5 stars.

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